I strive to develop work that evokes a tangible experience, not just passively looking at a representation, but introducing yourself to something that exudes the vastness of the natural world, a vital object. The social nature of shaping the material is paramount to my process; the often lengthy physical conversations allow the raw material time to decide what it wishes to reveal about its inner vigor. In practice, I've found stone and metal are excellent conversational partners, their dense, refined nature allows for a meaningful and ever humbling exchange between my hands & tools, and the immense, natural forces that work in tandem to summon them. Thrust up from within the earth itself, the minerals and ore have so much they can look back on and choose to grace us with, offering glimpses of their primal nature as they are beaten, chipped, ground, and hewn. I always hope that any audience of my work will be struck by the same sense of wonder that I have enjoyed while creating it, and to empower themselves to explore and feel the work with their hands, hearts, and minds.